Lorena Campuzano

I had a great experience at Dr. Garza office. It was incredibly easy to setup my appointment and the times are very accommodating. He walked me through all the steps of the examination and answered all my questions thoroughly. Dr. Garza is amazing! He completely saved me from going down the unnecessary road of getting a root canal and crown.

Nick Flagout

I would highly recommend Dr. Garza. He is very passionate about what he does and will go the extra mile to fix your teeth. I was probably one of his more difficult patient’s throughout the whole proceas, but he was very professional and worked with me.

Dave M.

We’ve been coming to him since 2019.
In the beginning it was hard to trust since it was one like my 2nd time visiting a foreign dentist.
As the years pass by, Dr. Garza has gave out quality work (back to back) with a genuine and (sometimes humorous) character.

Edilma Cabaucante

I recently finished my orthodontic treatment at the dental hospital, throughout the entire process I began to notice the change, it has seemed wonderful, they have offered me excellent care and the results have been incredible.